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Lyd-Von Inspection Services (S/L) LTD.


Lyd-Von commits to work hard to assure the services we provide are competent and accountable. We guarantee to keep our clients’ priorities paramount with; HONESTY, INTEGRITY, EFFORT, and awareness of ENVIRONMENT.

QA Inspectors

Lyd-Von offers global Component QA inspectors for all disciplines.

Lyd-Von offers global fabrication QA inspectors for all disciplines.

Lyd-Von offers global onsite QA inspectors for all disciplines.

Lyd-Von offers CSA Certification globally.

Lyd-Von offers electrical QMP inspectors through client’s self accreditation.


QA Inspector Technical Vetting

  • Technically Vett resumes and verify
  • Conduct personal interviews
  • Gather inspector’s corporate and safety documentation
  • Onboard approved contractors
  • Lyd-Von contract signing


Project Assignment

  • Receive and review client offered project assignment
  • Evaluate assignment for completeness
  • Create assignment folder on server
  • Recommend inspector according to skill requirements

Support Services

  • Up to date cost tracking for all clients projects
  • Set up computers and IT support
  • Onboard follow up
  • Expert levels from management support
  • Document review
  • Electronic  invoicing
  • Technical Staffing


HSE and Onboarding

  • Monitor safety tickets
  • Promote balanced work schedules
  • Lyd-Von online competency evaluation
  • Provide onboarding