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Lyd-Von Inspection Services (S/L) LTD.


Lyd-Von commits to work hard to assure the services we provide are competent and accountable. We guarantee to keep our clients’ priorities paramount with; HONESTY, INTEGRITY, EFFORT, and awareness of ENVIRONMENT.

Third Party Inspection & Supervision Services Offered

  • Third Party Electrical, Instrumentation & Mechanical Inspection
  • Global QA Component Inspection for All Disciplines
  • Global QA Fabrication Inspection for All Disciplines
  • QA Onsite Inspection
  • CSA Certification ability Globally
  • Electrical & Instrumentation Site Supervision
  • Mechanical Site Supervision
  • Pipeline Site Supervision
  • Facility Site Supervision
  • SAGD and/or Well Pad Projects
  • QMP through Client Self Accreditation
  • Assist with Project Constructability
  • Assist with Project Bid Reviews
  • Competency Program Development
  • Daily Document Control
  • Technical Staffing
  • Expert Technical Vetting
  • Payroll and Manpower Management

Our Differences

We will support our clients with experienced, honest, competent inspectors and supervisors. Our people all have a minimum of 10 years experience in the oilfield industry with QA inspection, coating, equipment certifications, electrical, instrumentation, mechanical, facility, pipeline.

We will match our people and their varied work experiences to our customers’ project needs, as this can vary per project and customer.

We technically vett all  inspectors and supervisors before offering to the client.

We offer a permission based server for live project folder access to inspectors, supervisors and clients.